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The Southampton NiPPeR study

Thank you for your support.  Recruitment numbers in Southampton have now been fulfilled

The UK team are based at the MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit at University Hospital Southampton and are looking to recruit 600 participants from the Southampton area. 

Thinking of becoming a mum?

Are YOU interested in how nutrition before and during pregnancy may benefit the health of the mother and her baby?

We are conducting a study to examine the benefits of an enriched nutritional drink, on maintaining healthy sugar levels in the mother, and promoting the health of the mother & baby. Our team is made up of registered doctors, nurses and midwives.


If you are aged 18-38, planning to become pregnant and would like to find out more please contact us:

0800 032 31 30 or TEXT NIPPER to 66777


Nutritional drink

Women taking part in our study have been randomly selected to receive a standard nutritional drink containing vitamins and minerals recommended for before and during pregnancy or the study nutritional drink, enriched with additional vitamins, minerals and probiotics.

The drink comes in the form of a sachet to be mixed with water and taken twice a day. Participants have been asked to take the drink before they become pregnant and will continue taking it throughout their pregnancy.

The nutritional drink will provide participants with the vitamins & minerals recommended for before & during pregnancy.


Taking part allows participants to have extra ultrasound scans during pregnancy at 7, 28 & 34 weeks, along with having their NHS ultrasound scans at 12 &19 weeks in our dedicated suite. Participants will be given pictures of their baby to take home. 








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